I'm Rosie.

"I might not be able to do it, but I'll sure try."

I like to think of myself as a multipotentialite.


(Wikipedia: Multipotentiality )

I'm a singer, but I'm also:

a photographer, pianist, writer, composer, recording artist, VoiceOver actor, make up artist, hair stylist, model, impressionist, hostess, guitarist, actress, advocate, fitness junkie, chef, and joke-teller. 


I love to sing in all styles. It could be Broadway, or opera, or country, or rock'n'roll, or jazz. Why box yourself in? Try something new!


I see every job I take on as an opportunity to learn and an opportunity to have fun, and I seek work that reflects that.


the basics

raised in: Alabama

loves: coffee, friends, animals, travel, music, binge watching

hates: toxic positivity, racists, homophobes

wants: to perform as much as possible

goals: make a living doing what I love, inspire others

You can do anything.